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Catering Plate Trolleys

Catering Plate Trolleys are excellent for using in any commercial environment from a full-scale professional restaurant environment to the local community football club.

All this while still being financially economical. Catering Plate Trolleys come in a range of prices starting at only £29.99.

They are extremely hard wearing and are suitable for light or heavy commercial use. These Catering Plate Trolleys are being used extensively throughout the UK.

Catering Plate Trolleys come in a variety of sizes, lengths and diameters. This includes the well-known brand Jackstack.

The safe, quick and professional way to store freshly prepared food on plates. Jackstack is now available in 7 different styles to suit your catering requirements. Ideal for most plate sizes, each held securely for easy transit from kitchen to service area. You will be 100% satisfied with your investment in Catering Plate Trolleys.


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